Airbus H135 and The Future of Law Enforcement

In late 2018, the British National Police Air Service (NPAS) leapt into the future of law enforcement by investing 1.5 million GBP to equip their fleet of helicopters with night vision. The NPAS fleet has seven Airbus H135 helicopters among its ranks, all of which have been equipped with night vision, or NVIS, technology. Giving their fleet the capability of ground level NVIS will vastly improve their night surveillance capabilities in any environment.

In order to install the NVIS technology, significant cosmetic changes had to be made to each helicopter. In fact, nearly all of the cockpit instruments had to be stripped and re-installed to the stringent standards of the FENN700+ night vision goggles and flight mission gear. These new standards will ensure that all pilots and crew are comfortable with the NVIS technology present in whatever helicopter they command.

The Airbus H135 is a twin-engine helicopter first manufactured in 1996 and is currently in service in over 60 countries worldwide. Its reliability and versatility have made it incredibly popular and an obvious choice the NPAS fleet. Since its launch, the H135 has logged an estimated 4.5 million combined flight hours by over 300 operators. It has continued to evolve since its inception, improving performance and mission capabilities while lowering fuel consumption and sound footprint.

In use by the UK air police for over 17 years, The H135’s first NVIS certification came in 2009 when it was equipped with night vision goggle operation capacity. At this time, the aircraft was simply fitted with special lighting in the aircraft cockpit, cabin, and exterior to make the helicopter NVIS compatible. NVIS-equipped helicopters are most commonly used in operations such as emergency medical response, military, and law enforcement.

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