An RJ45 is considered to be the most famous and popular connector type in the IT sector. To describe this connector, you can say that the RJ45 connector is a type of connector that utilizes eight modulars, or eight pin connectors for eliminating or cancelling out other twisted pair cables including Cat5e or Cat6 twisted pair cables. They are most commonly known as the item to use for creating LAN networks as they are often used to link computers onto Ethernet-based local area networks. Additionally, they can also be used to connect voice and data equipment. For a more detailed overview of the RJ45 connector and what it does, read the article below.

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In the age of the internet, data transfer is improving at an incredibly fast rate. Pun intended. Recently, we’ve seen computer chips double in power almost yearly. Consequently, we’re also seeing cables and connectors improving in order to keep up with these computer chips. Afterall, connectors are an important component to the functionality and efficiency of these chips.

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