The Common Causes of Generator Failure

Generators are important pieces of equipment, often serving as backup or emergency systems that guarantee power for a building or aircraft when main power systems go offline. Despite being redundant systems to ensure power, generators can also fail themselves. As continuous power can help uphold safety, operations, and efficiency, it is crucial that generators are well cared for and maintained over time. As there are various common sources of generator failure, it can be beneficial to understand each.

Battery Malfunctions

Generators require a power source for converting energy, and the battery is the most common option. Battery performance and health can be affected through various means, and loose or dirty connections can be detrimental. Additionally, if lead sulfates are allowed to build up, electrical current transfer may suffer and the battery may end up failing and will require replacement. As a result, it is very important to care for the battery.

Low Coolant Levels

As an engine or a similar driven apparatus is operating, it will require coolant to avoid the damage caused by overheating conditions. To prevent the breakdowns associated with overheating, one should always monitor coolant levels to ensure that devices have ample ability to reduce their temperatures. If coolant levels are depleting faster than usual, one may need to have a qualified inspector take a look to find any potential issues.

Fluid Leakage

If a starter generator or standby generator is leaking fluids, then there is most likely an issue somewhere in the pump system. A flexible fuel line assembly may be cracked or a hose line may have overheated, and remedying the issue is very important to guarantee the proper transfer of fuel, coolant, or oil. To combat the chance of a fuel leak, generators should be maintained on a regular basis, and components like hoses should be replaced every few years.

Air Trapped in Fuel System

For fuel to properly move through an assembly and for fuel injector systems to avoid failure, there must be no build-up of air within the generator. Air typically will collect in a generator when it is not operated on a regular basis, and it will often enter the fuel system. By operating the generator for at least a few minutes once a week, one can prevent the build up of air as it is cleared from the fuel system.

Poor Maintenance

As stated before, having the generator undergo maintenance on a regular basis is extremely important so that all issues can be caught early and treated. As a single generator can reach upwards of tens of thousands of dollars in price, one should not forgo a regular maintenance schedule. While an interval of three months between maintenance is standard, there may be times in which the generator will need to be maintained earlier. Additionally, one should always take advantage of a reputable maintenance facility to ensure a quality job is conducted. Generally, a good maintenance procedure for a generator will include an oil change, fuel filter replacement, engine run test, fuel refill, and connection check.


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