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Electrical wires and cabling are utilized in nearly all sectors including commercial, private, military and other areas. While they are often used interchangeably, there is a distinct difference between the two. Though they both act as the electric delivery system at home, wires indicate that they are simply one electrical conductor and cables indicate that they are a group of wires encased in a sheathing.

There are some considerations to make when selecting either cables or wires. Among the two very important things that you should consider is the labeling. The labeling says what materials the wire or cable is made up of. Usually they are marked CU for copper or “commonly used conductor,” The labeling can also tell you the maximum voltage rating. That is, it tells you how much voltage or amps that it can safely carry. Along with this, it also lists gauge of wire. To read this, you have to consider what the gauge is saying. The lower the number, the thicker the wire, and therefore the higher the maximum voltage rating will be for either wires or electrical cables.

Maximum voltage is not the only criteria that you should consider when selecting wires or cables. Another factor that you should consider is the color of the two. Colors are used to indicate if the wires have a neutral charge, are bare, or are hot. If the sheathing is white, then that means that the wires are neutral. If they are green or if they are bare, then that indicates that they are ground wires. Any other colors other than white indicate that they are a hot wire and that they are actively carrying a current.

When choosing between wires and cables, it is important to understand what the labeling means. Labels on cables will list two numbers. These numbers can look like 14-4, or 10-6. What this means is that the first number indicates the gauge. The second, meanwhile, indicates how many wires are encased in the sheathing.

If you are interested in knowing more about wires and/or cables, or are in need of purchasing a specific type of wire or cable, get in touch with our team today! Fulfillment 3sixty is FAA AC 00-56B accredited, and our team wants to ensure to our customers that our parts are always FAA approved and our supply chain logistics are abiding by the standards of the FAA. We go to great measures to ensure our parts are airworthy and quality assured. Any item that we source is inspected for the necessary certifications and put through a screening process to ensure that they are approved according to standards by the Federal Aviation Authority.           

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