Overview of the RJ45 Connector

An RJ45 is considered to be the most famous and popular connector type in the IT sector. To describe this connector, you can say that the RJ45 connector is a type of connector that utilizes eight modulars, or eight pin connectors for eliminating or cancelling out other twisted pair cables including Cat5e or Cat6 twisted pair cables. They are most commonly known as the item to use for creating LAN networks as they are often used to link computers onto Ethernet-based local area networks. Additionally, they can also be used to connect voice and data equipment. For a more detailed overview of the RJ45 connector and what it does, read the article below.

In order to understand what an RJ45 connector is, it’s best to understand what a RJ connector is and how it functions. The registered jack, or RJ for short, refers to the standardized physical network interface that can enable connecting telecommunications between data equipment. Meanwhile, the J45 is commonly used for Ethernet networking which is utilized to network various types of devices like a switch, hub, PC, router, firewall to each other. The parts for an RJ45 connector can consist of several parts though the most common among basic connectors tend to be the copper pins, clips, and crimps. The copper pins are designed to stick with the copper lines, while the clip is used to stick the RJ45 onto the RJ45 port so that it can release it. Lastly, the crimps are used to place the cable back onto the RJ45 connector.

Registered jacks may use physical connectors that can be found off of the modular connector and among 50-pin miniature ribbon connector types. The 8P8C is among the most common types of connectors, as they are considered to be versatile and significantly useful for an eight-position and eight contact modular plug and jack. There are other RJ standards like RJ11, RJ14, RJ25, etc. For example, in order to connect the phone to the copper line RJ11, standard and connector are used. Some popular RJ45 jacks include but are not limited to the anixter series # 221198, MPS100E-246, Cat 5e RJ45 jack, MGS400-318 CommScope, Cat 6 RJ45 jack, MGS600-318 CommScope, Cat 6A RJ45 jack and various others.

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