What Are Pressure Gauges?

Many systems are sensitive to changes in pressure and require monitoring for safe and proper operations. Leaks or building pressure in systems that rely on the steady flow of a fluid media can potentially cause damage, so pressure gauges are used to measure pressure for consistency. When procuring an instrument like a pressure gauge, it is important to select the proper style so you may obtain the most accurate readings. As such, this blog will explore the differences in pressure gauges and how to decide which works best for your specific needs.

Regardless of design, pressure gauges operate on the same general working principles. It is important to note that there are different types of pressure that may be measured in a system, including dynamic pressure and total pressure, but the pressure gauges discussed in this blog are designed to specifically measure static pressure. Static pressure is the amount of force applied perpendicular to a surface per unit area, so a pressure gauge that is attached to a tube or other container will measure the static pressure at this given point. A specific form of static pressure measured by pressure gauges is gauge pressure. This is unique from simply static pressure because it is the difference between the absolute static pressure at the point of the instrument and the atmospheric pressure, that of which is the pressure of the surrounding environment.

Depending on your needs, you may procure pressure gauges that measure pressure according to different units and ranges. Common units include Bars, Torrs, atm, and many more, all of which may be further categorized into available pressure ranges by instrument. In addition to the type of reading you require, it is important to consider a few other factors when procuring a pressure gauge, including structure and function.

One important consideration when procuring a pressure gauge is the chemical compatibility of your substance with your gauge, since there are various elements used in pressure gauges for measurement. Additionally, it is important to consider the mounting style of your pressure gauge. While a standard threaded connection may be used to screw the gauge into an available thread, flange pressure gauges may be separately mounted onto a control cabinet for convenience. Furthermore, different pressure gauges use different techniques to measure pressure. Aneroid, or mechanical, gauges are the most widely used today, and they include styles like the bourdon tube, diaphragm, and capsule element. All of these use a metallic pressure responsive element that changes in response to pressure, so it is important to ensure your aneroid gauge will react properly to the substance in your system. While many of these work similarly, they have slightly different pressure ranges, with Bourdon tubes offering the highest readings of 1600 bar.

Once you determine the specific pressure gauge for your application, you may also consider additional accessories like gaskets, safety caps, or snubbers. A gasket or seal is a wise addition for ensuring proper seals without leaks, while a safety cap goes over the pressure gauge to aid in shock absorption. When you require any of these or other pressure gauge part types and accessories, such as diaphragms and more, visit Fulfillment 3Sixty.

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September 26, 2022

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